Friday, August 11, 2006

Well this has been an eventfull week -- first we enjoyed a dinner of one of the basic food groups -- RIBS! Our coach was finnaly out of the repair shop and we were on our way to Troutdale, OR to spend the rest of the Summer when we stopped for fuel. I was rushing about (I still have not slowed down) and tripped over our tow bar with the results shown here. All this time our newest child has been growing and makeing himself at home, as you can see. We have changed his name about three times. The current version is SPAGO BLUE -- we now have Ruby Foo and Spago Blue -- not sure if this will be the final name, but that's it for now. Stay tuined

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Larry O'C said...

Quinn says: Ouch. I don't want to get an owie like that. And I think my Daddy's going to get one soon because he is your son.

Veronica says: I don't want to get that owie forever.

Christian says: mmmmmmmm ribs.