Saturday, August 19, 2006

OK -- here's a "Believe it or not" -- as you may have read (see below) I had quite an accident a couple of weeks back resulting in facial disfiguration and various bruises. Having suffered through the pain of the accident, I came out with the absuolute absence of any cronic back pain that I have been living with for the past couple of years. I am walking tall and stright with no pain. Apparently when I fell I dislodged the nerves that were pressing on my spine so that I am now pain free. Go figure!

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DaveO said...

This is gonna work DAD-YOu hit your head and youre back is fixed.

It would not be good to resmash my head - Once in a lifetime is enough. So in vegas you guys throw me from a balcany (1st Floor) I land on my back- My Head Trauma,congitive issues, neck issue is solved. ANd I was told after the accident I lose my reasoning skills.
This has to work..ITS A LOCK