Saturday, March 03, 2007

Here are three more pix to go with the Casa Grade posting below.

Greetings All -- we have been spending the month of February in Casa Grande AZ, about half way between Tucson and Phoenix. Not a bad place, but we have decided that the desert winds are not for us. Good friend Harold Dickieson from Novi, MI visited for a couple of days and we had a good time. Hal has turned 80 and is still going strong. What an inspiration for me as I will be turning 70 later this year. The pix are from our RV park and the Casa Grande ruins, and a quaint little restaurant in Casa Grande. Next we head back to home base (Portland) for a brief stay. More on the summer plans in my next posting. In the meantime, enjoy the shots of AZ -- including the one that explains why we can spend our full time on the road. So long for now.