Sunday, April 20, 2008

We left New Mexico and are now in Amarillo, TX. We'll stay here a couple of days then move South East. We really enjoyed seeing the kids in New Mexico, but the injury list ran too high:
1. Dana Deane: torn ligament on her thumb

2. DECO, Jr. -- possible torn rotor cuff, sprained elbow and thumb and severely bruised hip

3. Grand Ma Jann -- sprained ankle, Bruised elbow and hip.

The price we had to pay was too high. We are crossing NM off the list for family vacations -- BAD JU-JU!!! Not only that, as you can see --- as soon as the kids left, Santa Fe turned into a winter wonderland. Go figure.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Hello All -- well we finally made it out of California and have come to rest here in Santa Fe, NM. Jann got a clean bill of health!!! Yea!! So we are in the first leg of our cross-country journey. We met up with Kevin and his family and DOC and Gail in Santa Fe. We had a great time. Here are some shots of our stay in NM and a group shot of the family. I took the picture, Jann was missing and Dana and Ellis were off shopping. As you can see, Jann got into a little difficulty with the local constabulary, but we were able to bail her out. The other shot is of two old guys enjoying an espresso, in the New Mexico afternoon sun. Next stop will be somewhere in Tennessee. Grand Ole' Opry, here we come. Stay tuned.