Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello -- if anyone is still visiting this site, (January was my last posting) here are a few shots to update you -- the tulips are from a flower farm outside of Portland. This should explain why we want to settle here. Pix of me and three of my grand kids having a ball at Fudpuckers restaurant. The water fall and the mountain are shots from Yosemite. This explains why we have spent the last four plus years traveling this beautiful country. Our plans are to sell our home on wheels and buy a house near Portland. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello all -- I know it's been awhile, but us retired folk get so busy (doing nothing) that we just don't have the time to post pix on our blog. Well Jann gave me a kick where the sun don't shine and inspired me to get posting. So here goes -- here is a shot of the Swanee River Bridge -- pretty exciting start isn't it? Well speaking of exciting, how about a shot of me and my girl friend Lori Carrico doing what we do best. Finally, a shot of my real girl friend at one of our many stops. OK, stay tuned over the next few days for pix of Jann's trip to Europe --- that's right, she went to Europe and left me home. My turn is coming up. More later.