Saturday, August 26, 2006

More fun in our adopted city, Portland as well as a shot of our favorite food!


SB said...

That food looks really good!


Larry O'C said...

Quinn says: I like ribs too! And I like the view of Oregon even though I haven't seen it before. And I have a game that is about Oregon.

Veronica says: Well, First of all, I like how the ribs look. And I like your Mac and Cheese.

Christian says: mmmmmmmmm Ribs.

DaveO said...

My Family are Laughing at those "Imitation David ribs".
Make no mistake, Im sure they fill a temporary need. (Like eating Little Caesars when you can have Buddy's- Youre welcome Kevin). The new rule in Plymouth,Michigan is My Ribs are made over WOOD FIRE ONLY. You all still have so much to learn.