Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well we are back home in Oregon. We stopped in Eugene long enough to trade in the Kia and Jann's beloved VW Beetle. We now own a brand new Saturn Vue -- much more suited to RV towing than either of the two trade-ins. We will be hanging out in the Portland area for the month of April -- celebrating birthdays (hint, hint) then back to So Cal for the month of May. Then off to see the USA!!! We will travel across the top States (maybe veer into Canada) over to NYC, down South in for the winter. We will make our way back home via the mid-west -- Michigan, Illinois, to see kids and Grand Kids. Pictures are of Jann with the new car, a Peacock that hangs out at the Sam Hill (really) Museum, and the terrifically beautiful MT. Hood and some old fart showing off his 70th birthday loot. Stay tuned for our cross country journey.