Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We are now (May 2008) parked in Hot Springs about 30 minutes from Little Rock. At first we were very impressed with this area -- the deepest green vistas we have seen since leaving Portland. But then we talked to a few natives and discovered the high temperatures and even higher humidity that is so common here in the summer. So we will not be settling in Arkansas

Before leaving Texas we ate at Babes Chicken, just outside of Dallas -- twice!!! It is absolutely the best fried chicken you will ever eat in Texas. Side dishes served in separate bowls include mashed potatoes, corn and greens. YUM!!!

The pictures include shots of Wichita Falls and the red river that feeds the falls. Jann and a brief visit with an ex-president and the hog statue sits outside of the Farmers Market in Little Rock -- go figure. There is also a picture of a typical Arkansas RV that was converted from a truck. You gotta love Arkansas.
As you can see, gas is a lot cheaper in Arkansas and we bought a bar for eldest son Dennis, Jr for his retirement. Now we are on to Tennessee hopefully to meet up with son Kevin for the famous Memphis Barbecue cook off. Pictures and report to follow.

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